GURR: Interview before upcoming Melkweg show – 21/01/2020

Up coming show @ Melkweg, 07/02/2020 – Ticket Giveaway on our Insta.

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Since the release of their award-winning debut album In my Head, Berlin band GURR have ascended to one of the most successful German musical exports. Shortly before their upcoming SHE SAYS tour run, the band releases a catchy version of Blur’s Brit-Pop classic Beetlebum. We had a chance to speak to the rising duo ahead of there show at Melkweg on the 7th of February 2020.

1) Berlin has a very strong love of electronic music and techno. How did you guys first come into contact with punk/ Brit-pop and how did it influence you early songwriting?

Laura Lee : I remember hearing “Wonderwall” on one of these compilation CD’s in the 90’s and it really opened this new world for me… I hadn‘t really played guitar until then but diving deeper into the world of Oasis and also their influences like The Jam, The Who, Beatles obviously and also bands that got big around that time like Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand etc. It made me want to pick up a guitar and just play these songs. It was also the start of me losing a lot of friends because I became a bit of a music snob at the age of 14 haha.

Andreya Casablanca : I was a big sucker for pop culture and subculture as a teen and somehow I had really gotten into the “Mod-scene” with watching Quadrophenia and listening to The Who, The Small Faces, The Kinks, The Yardbirds… then I started reading music magazines in the library because I couldn’t afford buying them, writing down names and listening to EVERY BANDS music in the local CD shop that I read about in the magazine and then checking if I liked it or not. I loved Arctic Monkeys, among others. Honestly, I didn’t consider Oasis and Blur as part of the Brit-rock scene until much later, because they’d been bands I’d see on MTV and just considered them mainstream.

2) Clubs like Tresor or Kit Kat Club often attract a lot of attention, what are some of the best/more secret places to see good music in Berlin?

L: 8MM is always a great spot for music, they put on live shows every Thursday and once a month on Monday they host the so called „Salon Oblique“ which features really great (and weird!) experimental psychedelic music. Otherwise, try to get your hands on the zine The Chop which features lots of great concerts in the city. Urban Spree, Schokoladen, Madame Claude, Klunkerkranich & Loophole are some great venues for shows. The promoter “Puschen” puts on the best international acts in town. What am I missing Andreya?

A: I think that’s pretty much covering it!

3) UK punk artists and the likes of Oasis are clearly a big influence on Gurr, however who’s solo work do you like the most, Liam or Noel Gallagher’s?

L: Definitely Liam! Even though he completely admits that he didn’t write much of the music on his solo records…. I really enjoyed “As you were”. I don’t think it’s anything that will go down in history, but it’s a solid record. Haven’t listened to his latest album yet though… Noel’s stuff is just too polished for me and frankly a bit boring.

A: I am actually not so versed in Oasis solo projects, so I don’t have an opinion on that, but I’d go with Liam Gallagher because I liked his 73 Questions with Vogue Magazine.

4) If you could attend one concert in history what would it be?

L: Now that we talked about Oasis so much I wanna say Oasis at Wembley Stadium in 2000. I was very obsessed with the live DVD growing up. Also my English was so bad, I could never understand what they were saying. But I think they got mad when a fan held up a sign, bashing Robbie Williams. Also Liam’s first words when coming on stage were “shithole! It’s time they tear this fucking thing down.” I always thought that’s a great way to open with when playing Wembley Stadium!

A: Any early The Beatles show… you know where people were like „I saw them here playing for 40 people!“ and same with Elvis Presley. I think ultimately, thinking of “the greats“, these two acts were really important for me growing up. I recently saw Weyes Blood playing, and her songwriting reminded me of the Beatles, which almost moved me to tears.

5) Beetlebum is clearly a direct reference to Blur, what are the top 3 best blurr songs in your opinion, not including Park Life.

L: I looooove “She is so high”, it’s probably my most listened to Blur Song. I wanna say “There’s no other way” because of the sweet Drumbeat and “Coffee & TV”.

A: Coffee & TV has the best rhythm guitar, Beetlebum is the sexiest song and Girls & Boys sounds the coolest.

6) What are your guys favorite UK fashion brands? is it the likes of Doc Martin, Paul Smith & Fred Perry?

A: Honestly, Doc Martens and Fred Perry were the holy grail for me from an early age on… I had so many friends dressing in Fred Perry and Lonsdale bomber jackets (leftist punks of course!)… I also like the classic Burberry scarf and classic trench coat combo.


Thanks girls for a great chat. We cant wait for the gig and have no doubt that its gunna be a mad night to remember. We are giving away 2 x 2 tickets for the concert on the 7/02/2020, so make sure you head over to @the2and6collective Instagram account to find out how to enter. If you cant make the gig then dont worry, Gurr are coming to a city near you some time soon!

17.12.2019 Munich – Hansa 39, DE
18.12.2019 Dresden – Groovestation, DE
19.12.2019 Berlin – Columbia Theater, DE

06.02.2020 Essen – Zeche Carl, DE
07.02.2020 Amsterdam – Melkweg, NL
08.02.2020 Paris – Supersonic, FR
11.02.2020 London – Lexington, GB

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