DamnDamy of Black Acid: In conversation before the release of his debut album.




DAMNDANY of the Amsterdam based Hip-Hop Collective, Black Acid, was kind enough to let us listen to his fucking masterful debut album, Geluid In De Stilte (Sound In The Silence), before its upcoming release.

DamnDany has made a big statement with this project. He manages to balance music that slaps so hard with tunes that demonstrate a cinematic like ability to world build, creating atmosphere and emotion by delicately playing with sound & silence.

After listening to the project non-stop, i sat down to ask DamnDany about its conception & execution. I also wanted to find out a little more about the Amsterdam natives, Black Acid.

These guy are my family now…and you take care of your family.

1) Quick 3: Where are you from? How long have you been making music? What genre of music would you say you make?
My Dad is from the south of Portugal and my mum is dutch, Grew up in Amsterdam West and moved to the bijlmer when i was like 12; Been making music since i was 15/16 i think, started in English but man that shit sucked hahaha. I make indie-trap i guess.. i don’t know, I don’t really believe in putting shit in boxes or stuff like that.”

2) For those that don’t know, what is Black Acid and how are you involved in it? 
“Black acid is collective more than a ‘rap group’. But music is the main thing we push; we’re pretty much Independent. We got a booking contract with @wolfbookings after our first EP release. Then we did a lot of shows in the past two years. Now everybody in Black Acid has released solo music except me. This is my first complete body of work. I think I’m the guy who takes care of the others. I make sure everyone is doing alright. I like to be alone but these guy are my family now…and you take care of your family.”

3) You create a clear sense of location in this album through the use of different sounds ( ie. in the bathroom at a club or in a car.) What made you want to make your music so cinematic and world building?
“I wanted to do create something new; a new experience of listening to music in this day and age of playlist music. I wanted to write a story; i always have been a writer ever since i was young kid i wrote my own stories; everyday in class and in my head before going to sleep. So i wanted to do a bit more than just an ep with 5 songs on it.”

“I was working on the first piece of the story together with @sambreezmusic figuring this “foley” thing out (at this point we still didn’t have a name for the project) and after an hour or so he said “what’s the sound of silence?” so we sat there in complete silence and listened for a second till we came to the conclusion… let’s call the EP Sound in the Silence.”

4) What is the album about and what inspired the story that runs throughout it? 

“A lot of the tape should be up for interpretation: I think it’s about falling in love, depression and running away from problems but knowing running away will always fuck you up. If you keep doing that you’ll be right back at the start with the same problems running into the same walls. It’s about the things i learned growing up as a adolescent. You can’t run from faith. This is my way of closing off that part.”

5) What track on the new EP are you most excited to play live.
“The last track; Setback: the atmosphere of that track is intense and doing that song live is a beautiful.”

6) What is your writing process like`? Do you write alone or in the studio with friends? Do you plan or do ideas just come to you?
“It depends. I’m quite stubborn so i do my thing first and let the producer add their flavor after. And the writing itself.. i do got a whiteboard in the studio and most of the times i’m there i write the hook on the white board so i can visualize it. I’d like to be as free as possible.”

7) The production on the whole project is crazy ( especially the bass on “Kopstoot”). Talk about the producers on this project and what there input was.
“Saffeh who produced ‘’Kopstoot’’ (@saffehbeats) always has some type of vision before i even tell him what i wanna make, most of the times i trust him to do what he needs to do and then tackle that.”

“Sam Breez (@sambreezmusic) was my partner on this tape. We made it together.  i love working with him and in that period of time we were both really experimenting with different styles , rhythms and soundesign and you can clearly hear that it was a great learning process for both of us and it’s really nice to have that connection now. he knows what i mean even when i can’t explain it.”

“Sor (@younggsor) And Mick ( the guitar guy from earlier) produced the first song ‘’Young Love’’; i wanted it to sound like the first time you fall in love with music but still give a taste of what the tape is; a story. and they executed that perfectly. Sor is also part of Black Acid and he is like my brother.”

“Tommy (@tommymayran) produced the last song called ‘’setback’’ this guy is one of the most creative producers i’ve ever seen at work. He does shit i don’t understand.”

8) Young Love is perhaps my favourite song on the project, who is playing the guitar on it/ is it a sample?

“Its played by Mick Langenberg (@micklangenberg) who is becoming one of the main guitar players within the dutch hip hop scene.  he Recently worked on @josbros his debut album did a tour with @s10s10xx and worked on the earlier releases of @yunginterntet. The dude is a genius.”

9) We always want to draw attention to the album artists who create crazy work for musicians. So, who did it?

“@Smokinggurb he was a young kid who listened to our music and now he is part of the team, we work with eager youngster and always try to help them progress, i never had that kind of help growing up so we want to give it back.”

10) Finally, who are your favorite musicians to listen too?

“Black Acid, Smino, Noname, Outkast, Mac Miller, Stormzy. I actually quit listening music when i was working on the tape just to see how it would affect my writing and songmaking.”

Tanks so much for your time DamnDamy, we are all mad excited to see ht you and the Black Acid boys do in the future, we all know big things are coming! People please go check out the Black Acid boys

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