Colo For You: An interview with Slim Kofi.

Amsterdam local, Elvin Mensah a.k.a Slim Kofi, has just released his long anticipated track “Colo 4 you”. Released in collaboration with Boomski Records & 704 Studios, this track feels like a much needed liberation from the boredom and stress of quarantine. Influences of Reggae, Dancehall & Afro Beat/Fusion are all present in this tune, yet non is more dominant than the other.

Born in Accra, Ghana, Slim Kofi grew up on a military barracks belonging to the Ghana Armed Forces and the Ghanaian Ministry of Defence known as Burma Camp. He discovered a love of music and drama at a very early age, singing in his church choir before moving to Amsterdam to study music & event management. His music career, beginning in 2011, has already been a story of success. He has toured with Nigerian rapper Ice Prince & performed with musical heavyweights like 50 Cent, BuK BAK, Donaeo & Wizkid. Thank you Elvin for giving us your time & we can’t wait to see you perform this track on road once this shitstorm has ended.

Who are some of your music influences? And how does the large variety of incredible music coming out of Ghana today influence your own creations today. 

I have been influenced by a lot of musicians since I dabbled in different genres trying to find my place within music but Raggae artists in general had the most impact on me. Lucky Dube’s “Prisoner” album in particular was an important factor in my upbringing a child, I remember my dad leaving it on repeat for hours.

Today I still find myself attached to Reggae/Dancehall because some music from Africa today can be considered dancehall in its own form. We all have one story to tell, which is mostly feeling liberated, so I would say knowing we all sharing the same struggles helps create & compete with the current music coming out of Africa.

Who produced the track and what was the creative process like? Did you have a clear idea of the what you wanted to create or was it a more spontaneous.

The track was produced by Mitchell Yard. The track came about spontaneously. We worked on the beat for quite over an hour and then I started flowing on it till I was satisfied with the melody. From there I just wrote the rest of the song.

If you could see any musician in history play live who would it be?   

I would definitely be front row at a Lucky Dube concert, there is soo much more I feel I can learn from his music and most importantly his stage presentation.

Where would i go on Slim Kofi’s tour of Amsterdam? I need a good coffeeshop to smoke in, somewhere for some mad food and somewhere to see good music. 

I would direct you to the Hillstreet Blues if you looking for a place to smoke a nice joint with good music and perfect atmosphere. For food, I mostly order in since I like the confinement of my house but Cannibale Royale is definitely the place to enjoy a good meal after walking around the streets of Amsterdam

Who are you listening to during this quarantine? And what are you plans once we can all start partying again? 

Well anxiety is high with all the uncertainty around so my go to music during this quarantine is “Jazz” and some “lovers rock” It helps me think. We are in a transition into a new way of living which means a new way of creating and absorbing. I’m doing my best to adapt so atm too soon to say what my next move is but that should unfold with time.

Interview Conducted: 7/4/2020

2&6 Writer : Chris Kelly

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