2&6 Interviews Silque – Working with Dizzee Rascal and Life at STMPD.

We got a chance to have a quick chat with Edwin & Frenk of Dutch DJ Duo, Silque. We talked about their latest release, “RIOT”, featuring Dizzee Rascal; their transition to Martin Garrix’s label STMPD; and what plug ins are keeping them entertained throughout quarentine.

An Interview with SILQUE

How did you guys and Dizzee get into contact & how did this track come into existence ? Did you have the beat mastered and then started looking for vocalists or was it a collaborative process?

“It was our publisher at Cloud9, Coen who asked us if we had some beats because Dizzee Rascal was looking for fresh beats to write on. We sent Coen 3 tracks and weeks later we heard that out of a hundred beats Dizzee chose our one. He already wrote the lyrics because he was really hyped. Then we had a Skype studio session with him to finish the track.”

Its been almost a year since you guys signed under Martin Garrix’s flagship label STMPD. Whats been the biggest change since moving and how are you settling in?

“The biggest change is that the contact with the label became more intensive and personal. They gave us access to their studios and the opportunity to perform at their stages at festivals. Also the contact between other artists got a lot closer. It got easier to connect with them and talk about music and fun stuff!”

Who do you guys draw inspiration from? Both musically and creatively in general.

Edwin: “Lots of different people. Combining small parts of what they do into our own thing. There is so much to learn from other people and if you pick the right pieces and combine them to finish this puzzle that becomes you.” 

Frenk: “I really listen to things that are completely different than what we would play. Indie pop/rock bands like Panama or maybe something more electronic like Tourist. Their productions are unique and listening to this helps me get my creativity and inspiration flowing. It works really well before a studio session. I think in general it’s a good thing to check out other genres because that gets you out of your comfort zone to try new things.”

When did you both first hear of Dizzie’s music  and what impact do you think Bonkers had on the Dutch electronic music industry ?

“First time was bonkers and this was a real smasher in the dance scene. Hearing it a lot at parties and radio. One of the biggest cross-over tracks last decade.”

If you could see any musician in history perform live, who would it be?

Edwin: “For me this would be Michael Jackson. Such a showman and live performer. Combining singing and dancing and always coming up with new and innovative stuff to keep the audience their attention.”

Frenk: “That would be Prince. I really love his music and his performance ability on stage. His tracks are still being played in DJ sets because they work really well on the dance floor.”

Do you guys have any tips/new plugins/ TV shows that can help keep producers entertained and inspired during quarantine?

Edwin: “Try to do stuff that you normally don’t do. I go out for walks and that really gives me some inner peace. Also bought paint and brushes to stay creative in other ways. I’m also reading books which I haven’t done in a long time!”

Frenk: “Improve your creative skills, for example the things you normally wouldn’t have a lot of time for: music theory, creative writing, special effects, play an instrument. Test new ideas/sounds and genres. Follow tutorial blog/channels on YouTube and Instagram. I recently downloaded plugins like Vocal Synth 2 and Manipulator to improve my vocal mixing skills. This is something I need to pay more attention to. Quarantine was the perfect timing to do that.

Is there another UK MC you would like to work with in the future?

Edwin: “People outside the UK largely know Dizzee from Bonkers and for me the same goes with Wiley and Wearing my Rolex. Classic tunes, so working with him would be dope. It would be sick if we could work with Stormzy. One of the biggest rappers at the moment.”

Frenk: “I would say the same as Edwin. Stormzy would be really cool because I like his style of rapping.”

Finally, who are you both listening to at the moment?

Edwin: “New and young talent! Listening to all the demos and promo that people send to us. The music that I listen to depends on my mood. The thing that I listen the most is Disco music. Love the funky and groovy baselines and feel good vibes.”

Frenk: “Like I mentioned earlier: Indie pop/rock bands like Panama or more electronic like Tourist. I also really love old school Hip Hop like Nas, Souls of Mischief, Gang Starr. Too many to mention!”

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