The Tales of a Clandestine Mycologist

The Tales of a Clandestine Mycologist

2&6 Writer: The Magic Cultivator


My story starts in the mountains of New south wales, Australia. I had been traveling around Australia for a few months and found the perfect place in the Northern Rivers Area where I got to meet a few amazing people who got me fascinated by Fungi. Coming from the Netherlands, Of course I had heard about Psilocybin Mushrooms. But I always stayed away from them, thinking psychedelics were nothing for me, hindsight I believe I was misled by the negative news and what I later found, false information the government and schools had been telling for years.

Australian Golden Teachers

On a lovely summer day during a long hike through the forests and cow paddocks with a few friends, one of them pointed out a few Large mushrooms growing from a pile of cow dung.

“Hey! These are Australian Golden teachers she say’d, Do you want to try one?”

We talked about it in depth the days before and I was confident that she would guide me with her positive energy.  I ate a medium size specimen and the experience was absolutely amazing, everything became more vibrant, colors much more intense and a sense of pure joy I had never felt, came over me. We spend the rest of the day talking, sketching and writing by a waterfall. The aftermath I would describe as an awakening, the general feeling of happiness stayed with me for weeks, it felt like having a new set of eyes to look at the world. A new array of possibilities in life.

The trees and plants I’ve been walking past without noticing for weeks suddenly appealed to me and I felt a deep connection with nature. I began to do near daily mushroom hikes, not just for the pleasure of finding them, I just really enjoyed being in nature, with friends or alone. After I really got the hang of it and the season had fully arrived, I sometimes came out of the fields with shopping bags full of psilocybe mushrooms.


It was a risky endeavor, knowing that the mushrooms are a Class A drug in Australia and driving around with large quantities could get me in prison for up to 20 years. I did not really care, my philosophy was: if they prohibit something that comes from nature, something is wrong with the system, not with me picking up what nature provided.

I introduced quite a lot of people into the world of mushrooms, strangers and friends. I chilled out at the local hostel often and many people were interested in my findings. If they were seeking, I always would reply: I don’t sell them, but if you want, we can go and enjoy them near a waterfall or a great sunset. I always made sure they got the right dose, mindset and good vibes, time and time again, people would tell me it was one of the most beautiful experiences of their lives, which made me incredibly proud, there is nothing like the feeling of spreading true joy.

Shortly after that i became friends with a cannabis scientist who also happened to be a starting mycologist, I donated most of my findings to him, for science and in exchange he taught me the basics of mycology and mushroom cultivation. When my visa ran out and it was time for me to return to the Netherlands, I knew what I had to do, despite it being illegal (but once again, he who prohibits nature commits the real crime) continue my journeys and start cultivating myself. It was not easy but its extremely rewarding to be able to cultivate these magical creatures myself and share them around.

There were and still are massive barriers to break down. Nearly everyone I talked to about my experiences, would reply with either massive skepticism, fear and or preoccupied opinion. I figured the only way to break down these barriers was to look at and discuss the neuroscience behind psilocybin and the importance of fungi in general.

A Misunderstood Mushroom

One of the first sources I looked was the Multidisciplinary Association of psychedelic science(MAPS) MAPS is the leading organization for the science behind psychedelics. They have done extensive and controversial research that paves the way for Psychiatric therapy with psilocybin, ranging from Reduction or eradicating Depression to combatting addiction and PTSD. Also John Hopkins, Maastricht University and many other research institutes are now moving through clinical trials. So far the results have been very promising but more extensive researching needs to be done.

In my opinion, Psilocybin is a much less explored option than anti-depressants, mainly SSRI’s who merely mask the symptoms of a depression instead of facing them. In my expereience, one high dose session, can help depressions stay away for up to 6 months.Note that this MUST always be done under the right circumstances.

 I would say that psilocybin mushrooms are not necessarily recreational drugs, they are more spiritual and medicinal and may give you a hard time unless you have experience with them and/or  do it in a safe and comfortable environment, right dosage and with people who you love and trust, this is of most importance.

But once you have those on point, a truly enriching experience lies ahead, an experience that could potentially change ones life for the better. Further research and exploration could potentially help to solve some of the problems the world is facing today. 

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