Little Simz: ‘Drop 6’ EP Review




2019 saw Little Simz score a series of loud achievements – from receiving nominations for both the Mercury Prize Award and NME Best Album in the World for her third studio album Grey Area to starring in the critically acclaimed Top Boy, the artist expressed her creative talents and took the U.K. rap scene by storm, she promised us she was ‘“just getting started”…

That was no lie – as her new EP ‘Drop 6’ slaps. The punchy five track series of quarantunes deliver some fresh energy, zest and flavour that is revitalising during these monotonous times. Little Simz posted a heartfelt statement in relation to her new drop and how the current situation affected her mentality: “I don’t mind being alone. I quite enjoy my own company actually. However choosing to be alone is completely different from being forced to be alone and that’s where the difficulty comes in”. The rapper then proceeded to tell us how she spun her thought process around “I woke up  one morning after a hard couple of days feeling sad, low and depressed, checked my Twitter timeline and saw some beautiful photographs… it instantly hit me. I’ve always known my creativity has no boundaries”. 

Thankfully, Simz found inner strength to create this musical piece, not only because of the sweet lyrical flows, but because the capricious nature of lockdown mentality (up and down, positive and negative, despair and hope) is channelled into this new release, which makes it extremely relatable for the present, and a mark of reflection for the future. 

Might Bang, Might Not

‘Might bang, might not’ kicks off the tracklist with the synonymously strong bassy instrumental backbeat and empowering bars ‘you ain’t seen no one like me since Lauren Hill back in the 90s, bitch. Feeling myself, yeah, I might be, bitch’. It is clear to say this track, does in fact bang. The tempo fluctuates throughout the EP, yet the rhythmic flow is consistently hard. While the EP collectively radiates the mood of spring 2020, ‘You should call mum’ is the track that projects the most quarantine truths:

‘If this 2020, there ain’t no hindsight

If you see death is the next chapter, can you die twice?

Guess life forced me to calm down, get my mind right

Livin’ day by day, sleepless night by night

Bored out of my mind

How many naps can I take?

How many songs can I write?’

Little Simz ended her social media statement by writing: ‘This is a turbulent time but we don’t fold. We don’t come from that. We will always be fine’. 

These precarious times are extremely testing, while our mentality is strained, and it may be hard to stay optimistic about the future, a comforting thought is that we are all experiencing these emotions together. It is commendable how transparent Simz has been with her creative struggles whilst writing the EP, yet it is apparent her perseverance was worthwhile as the product is a piece that reflects the general disposition of the times. As this is such an bizzare chapter of our lives, it is sick we have a music release that can encapsulate the monotony of the present but also defies prevalent negativity through creative pursuit. 

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