Mefjus & Break // Out Of Time // Vision Recordings // 2020

Earlier this year Mefjus & Break released their debut collaboration. For the cover, they enlisted Russian graphic designer, Uno Design, who has produced a noteworthy share of drum and bass record covers. Whilst their designs range in style, for Mefjus, the end product is typically a focal object or design with plenty of negative space surrounding. Leaning on the title of the song, the image intricately blends two separate motifs of time – a pocket watch crumbling apart into grains of sand before falling away out of frame. This clever design aggressively provokes thoughts of time quickly passing, more than each component would on their own. For this, the single’s cover is a testament to Uno Design’s effort and creativity.

Jack Jetson & Illinformed // Strange Cinema // Lost Scroll Records // 2019

This early 2019 collaboration between wordsmith Jack Jetson and tenured producer Illinformed was released on the relatively fresh Lost Scroll Records. Whilst the combination of Illinformed’s chopped and looped jazz samples and Jetson’s slack flow is enticing, the eerie cover is a piece of work in of itself. The captivating “street graffiti” style album cover can reel you in with its intricacies before you’ve even heard the needle drop. The focal point on the left-hand side is the titular ‘Strange Cinema’ situated on the street of a ghost town. From the sky, and the theatre itself, ooze bellows of smoke which spill into the main street, traversing ashtrays, discarded tickets and tombstones. The ideas presented on the album cover set the tone well for the type of imagery that Jack Jetson’s dark and disturbing lyrics promote.

Redbeard // Misc – EP// Eatgood Records // 2019

Another drop from the previous year, Redbeard’s release, Misc – EP, is a teaser for his upcoming album, ‘Working Day And Night’. The tracks on the EP follow similar themes of winding back the clock and having a general dissatisfaction of life as it is. The cover depicts a cartoon Redbeard as its prime focus as he escapes through somewhat of a portal, with threats and dangers in pursuit. The act of him smoking a joint alludes to the introspective nature of the album. The main themes explored in the lyrics are personal growth and the pursuit of happiness through escaping the past. This storytelling is captured visually in the cover art which symbolizes the transition from a dark past to a brighter future.

Chester P // The Post Apocalyptic Story Teller // Eatgood Records // 2018

The second latest LP from Chester P is set in a post-apocalyptic England as illustrated by the cover, which fulfils the purpose of setting the scene for the Chester’s lyrics. Stylised as a novel, the album cover shows a dark, burnt and crumbling London, as made notable by the presence of a collapsing Big Ben and London Eye. In the foreground, benefiting from more brighter lighting, are several scrappily clad children being read to by a figure on a rock. Safe to assume this is intended to be Chester P, with the aim of the imagery being to portraying the MC as a prophet of a new world. Whilst it’s easy to get this idea from the image, Chester P does his bit to back the representation up with lyrics that champion the underdogs who just scrape by. 

Mr. Mitch // Devout // Domino Publishing/Planet Mu // 2017

Recently, London grime producer, Mr. Mitch, has been putting an experimental twist on his projects and his last album was no different. ‘Devout’ is a collection of far more ambient and moving tracks with a few cameos lending a hand. The album cover is comprised of intricate white structures that reflect off a liquid floor. The lines of the structures draw the eye to the center of the image and into the background which has a more ethereal glow than the foreground. Whilst abstract and non-objective, the image feels tranquil, a reference to the songs, the melodies of which also have a soothing and soulful tone.

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