Meet our resident Producer.

Session 9, is our latest addition to the 2&6 family. Its always been our goal to have those that create art talk about the process in a raw and authentic way. Session 9 is a dope producer & musician from Glasgow who’s style merges his skills on a variety of instruments with his ability to compose atmospheric and complex beats. Besides bringing the heat for our artists to write too, he will also be sharing his thought on all things Producing, dishing out tips & creating some crazy shit with us. Anyway enough of me: Introducing 2&6 X Session 9

1: How and when did you first get into producing? What made you want to learn?

I first properly started learning how to produce almost two years ago as I started my university degree. I had been playing instruments since I was young, starting with the drums and I think this pushed me into my interest in Hip Hop as it is very groove and rhythm driven. From this interest and love for just listening to Hip Hop and lofi, I started creating little lofi beats which eventually grew into large scale Hip Hop instrumentals. I’d never been around people who were interested in producing until I moved to Glasgow to study. I had been in bands and involved in music a lot but never this side of it. When I moved, there was a lot of people I was around who produced or created music electronically, and this definitely pushed me to try my hand at it.

2: Who are some of your producing inspirations?

I have quite a few people I take inspiration from. In terms of producers I love the old school stuff, people like J Dilla, DJ Shadow and Dr Dre.

3: Do you have a particular genre or perhaps country who’s music you like to explore for good samples ?

I love hunting for nice jazz samples especially on the piano, I love smooth bluesy piano instrumentals. For countries, I’d probably want to look further into African rhythms and instrumentation and integrate them more into my beats.

4: When you start a beat do you know the vibe you want to make in advance or is it all experimentation?

A lot of it is experimentation while making the beat but if I am looking at making something for someone specifically, I will definitely spend time listening to reference track and music of the same vibe and gauge from there where to take it. Usually though I’ll start with a sample or a musical idea I’ve recorded and use that as a base for the vibe of the track, although sometimes you end up with something completely different from what you expected.

6: What is your most essential piece of kit ?

The kit I use the most is definitely my laptop. I spent ages making and learning how to make music with just a laptop and headphones, using the keyboard to play out melodies or tap in drums. It definitely comes in handy to be proficient in using your DAW for when you’re on the move as that’s when the best inspiration comes. Although I do have a great love for my SP404 and Novation Circuit.

7.Who were your favorite Musicians growing up & If you could see any artist live, who would it be?

When i was growing up i actually loved The Beatles, but for inspiratio when i was drumming, i definitely looked towards Buddy Rich. As for who would i go see…thats difficult. Probably either Jimmy Hendrix or The Beatles. But if i was picking a rapper, it has to be Biggie!