2&6 Talks With: Reign Laslo

2&6 Journalist: Chris Kelly

Interview conducted 15/07/2020

Reign Laslo is an exciting new talent in the Dutch Hip-Hop scene. Coming out of Arnhem, Reign is one of the new additions to the creative powerhouse & friends of 2&6, 704 Records. Hailing from the Caribbean island of Curacao, Reign blends the tropical sounds of home with the hard hitting lyracism that we have come to expect out of 704’s studio sessions. We wanted to find out more about the man behind the new summer banger ‘Popeye’, so we sat down with Arnhems finest to find out what inspires him, how his Curacao heritage influences his msic and perhaps most importantly: Where can you find the best Curacao food in Arnhem?

POPEYE – 704 RECORDS -2020

Quick 3: Where are you from man, how long have you making music for & what made you want to start ? 

I’m originally from the Caribbean, a little island called Curaçao but I later moved to Europe to chase bigger dreams. I’ve been making music for around 2 and half years, I know it’s not a lot but the passion has been there for many years before. I started music simply because of the people I was surrounded by, I use to always try to find ways to showcase my talent and luckily a friend thought I was good enough and he brought me to 704records and that’s when it all began

Tell us about the new track “Popeye”, did you know what vibe you wanted to create when you started or was it a process of experimentation? 

The New track, Popeye, came to me spontaneously one day. I was down in a rut for a while because of some bad news regarding personal relationships. One morning the sun came back and it was shinning bright (reminded me of the island) and it’s like I woke back up. Then I realized…I know myself and I know the type of person I am, why would I let others tell me I’m less. So I got up, went online, and found a beat, I really tried to write the lyrics simultaneously with the beat. With a strong flow and the attitude that was previously mentioned I combined and made Popeye; its supposed to make you feel powerful and bad-ass.

Who produced the track?  Do you like working with new people or do you have your favorite crew to create with? 

The Beat was created by Getionbeats, a producer I found online YouTube. I can’t say much about him but I do know he’s got some sick beats and he’s was easy going with the business.  704 has our own mix and mastering engineers and luckily my track was blessed by one of them. I love the idea of working with new people, I’m extremely extroverted. New vibes, new people, new projects…sounds pretty lit to me. I’m very open to different genres and I’d like to excitement with all types of music. Of course there’s always a place that’s home base, where you feel truly more like yourself, which I love and appreciate.

Who are some of your musical inspirations and favourite artists? 

My biggest inspiration towards music is my mom, she was always a big music lover and she always adapted with the times. Punk, Rock, Disco, she did all of it. Later in life my Aunty too, showed me how to love music, she was also an aspiring artist. I feel as though the artist that stuck with my the most has been BIGGIE, ASAP Ferg, Joji, Big Pun, Jay Rock, Lil Wayne and Lauren hill. Some of the previously listed I love because their music is absolutely beautiful, and the rest are absolutely raw, beat bumping savages. Lyrically creative. I got into Hip Hop at a later age so my influences are rather new, back when I was younger R&B was running the radio

How does your Curacao heritage influence you and your style of beats and the rhythms you spit over ? 

Curaçao taught me how to be tough, it taught me real street rules, how to be real (what is ok and what is off limits). So,often I feel as though the music I listen to has to be real, don’t talk about a place of struggle if you have never been in one. The artist I enjoy are real to the streets and still remember what respect used to be, and that is something I got from Curaçao. So I try to apply to same to myself, find sounds that a raw and spit things that make you feel alive. In curaçao we are very alive, there’s always life on the streets, we’re always ready for a party, and we love being social. My music represents that, being lively. The beat and rhythm can always change, I grew up international, so we can go from Punk Rock to Dancehall baby!

What do you think about when approaching a track, the beat or the the lyrics you want to write ? 

When I approach a track it’s usually because the beat caught my ear, either that or we make the beat on the spot. For the beat I usually like something where the drums are highlighted, due to drums being my favorite instrument. Most of the beats I’m into are high tempo, although i feel as though I could spit on any beat. Regarding my lyrics I like to stretch a rhyme as much as I can, ride out the sounds for as much as possible ( while switching up rhyme patterns). My flow varies often, depending on the day and the beat but I usually try to represent hip hop, the sound of hip hop and the attitude with it.

If you could go to any 3 concerts in history, who would you go see ? 

I would love to see Kanye, I think the sheer size and emotion behind his performances would be an amazing experience (he is also one of my top time favorite artist). Second pick would have to be Run the Jewels, they are just so badass. They are one of my favorite rap groups and I believe they could physically shake a room. Third artist would have to be Jaden or Joji, both for the same reasons. To me they are really iconic, I believe all of the artist I listed above are and that’s the sound I want to chase; the sound of an icon.

In every interview we like to ask a random question that has nothing to do with music, as Curacao is a food paradise we had to ask you what some of your favourite food spots in Arnhem are ?

Hahaha I love this question, a lot of people don’t know but I have a big love for food and becoming a chef is also a dream of mine. Although there’s not too much too offer here in Arnhem, I do think there are some dope spots. There’s this Asian place called Noodle Works and they serve authentic Asian food and trust me, that shit is amazing. There’s also this little Indian Snack corner, where you can actually see this man’s wife cook up some beautifully Indian curry. I could name more but most of them are Asian cuisine, because it is  one of my favorites. Last shoutout to this little restaurant called Mama Kryiro, they serve authentic Surinamese food and they don’t disappoint

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