2&6 Talks with K.I.M.E: Manchester’s Grime Scene & Partnership with P1 CAPS

2&6 Journalist: Cubkxvu

Editor: Chris Kelly

Interview Conducted: 15/07/2020

When we take a second to sit back and observe the UK in its current musical form, it is difficult to describe the current time as anything other than thrilling. The last few years has seen the UK’s individual music scenes rise and grow, with garage back at the front of most people’s minds, drill emerging as a global powerhouse of a genre and grime still putting rappers through their paces left right and center. Grime is now nationwide, it’s not a trend anymore, it’s set in stone, with Manchester being one of the most exciting outposts to find brilliant new rappers on a regular basis. Today, we are very lucky to be taking a few minutes with Kime, one of the Manchester heads who has been putting in some serious work over the last 18 months, with it seemingly paying off in grand fashion. 

First of all thanks for talking to us sir, how have you found lockdown from a musical perspective?

KIME: “Lockdown seems to have had a reverse effect on my creativity, because ive not been in any form of mood to create! Whether that’s down to lack of opportunity or lack of studios or shows, i’m not sure but yer i’ve just not felt the creativity over the lock-down period. I’ve probably written about two bars and that’s about it ! Trust me im breaking out of it soon though!”

What has the mood been like in Manchester, a city that is famous for its live music spaces?

” Umm..I would say that the mood has been not so good. Not that its been bad, but without the live shows at the center of the city that we all look forward too its been very disheartening. I can’t wait to be able to perform again, the sickest thing is that right before the lockdown period commenced, i had two shows booked in for the same week. They obviously caput all becasue of this but yer man hopefully we can get that up and running ASAP beacuse like i said…im dieing to perform in front of a crowd again!”

“Just to add to that as well, things do see to be picking back up. The mood is slowely getting better and more and more music is being created. Not that it really ever stopped throughout the period, its just the live shows that has stopped . The music being put out is still there to be seen im Manchester, theres a lot of people putting out hard music at the moment, i may be lacking but i’m soon to change that around!”

How did you and P1caps first  meet and what made you guys want to put out a collaborations project together? 

“Me and P1Caps have known each other for so long, im talking school days init. Obviously those were back in the days were he was spitting and i wasn’t even really spitting yet you know what i’m saying? So by the time i started spitting he had actually stopped! So after a while of him watching me spit, he hit me up saying he was thinking about picking up the mic again and my advise to him was ‘do it man, look at everyone else doing it, plus you’ve already done it before you know how the game works AND you know i always have a feature for you!’. It was kind of inevitable that we would get in the studio and make it happen once he started writing again.”

“Funnily enough the collaboration project came out of our first studio session together after all these years. Obviously, i had a seesion with Cabs ( big up Cabs ) and i brought P1 along. At this time i didnt know Cabs, he had reached out to be over facebook to say that he had some beats and that he was moving to Manchester so obviosuly i was like sweet! Me and P1 had just finished shooting a video together, went straight to the studio, we ended up making ‘I Pull Strings’ the first day. We both turned to eachother and knew we might as well make a mix tape…and the rest is history!”

When it comes to grime, do you feel Manny is in as a good a position as it should be considering the huge wave of young talent coming out if Manchester and the impact on UK music manny artists have had  ?

“When it comes to Grime…No i dont think that we are were we should be. But that’s down to everyone venturing down different avenues and stepping away from grime. There is only a handful of us that are actually still making Grime through and through. Me & P1 are definitely two of those guys, and you know what, i can safely say that with it in our hands we will be where we should be sooner rather than later. Big up to anyone else doing this Gime thing but we’ve got this. Away from Grime, Manchester is in the PERFECT position, all eyes are on us, we just need more consistent Grime.

Maybe we are a bit overlooked, or maybe people just dont want to give us the shine that they know we deserve, but there is only so long that can last. Big up Sir Spyro, man like him, big up Big Zuu he got P1 to perform at his Manchester show so you know the eyes and ears are there that’s not for debate. Its just up to us to keep the consistency up because the quality is there no doubt about it.

How was it heading down to 1xtra before the lockdown took place?

“Going down to 1Xtra was fucking sick. It just goes to show that people really are listening and whether they admit it or not we are coming. I feel like it was a very strong squad that we took down with us to show them what we are capable of & the levels that we are operating on/the talent that the north possess. It was a big thing and we hope to build on that, if it wasn’t for lock down we probably would have been back up there already. More of that to come!”.

Something we noticed about a lot of your work is that you do seemingly enjoy a collaboration, how important is it to have good people around you to work with?

“HAHAHA i LOVE a good collab. The thing is with me i just love making music do you know what i’m saying. Most of the time if i link up with someone and the creative chemistry i there..why not? Why shouldn’t we bang out some tunes. That’s how i work, i just work on vibes. But its very important to have good collaborations because you are expanding your audience every time & its a great way of testing yourself because you all ways challenge yourself to give more and raise your game to the other mans level. Its healthy! AND the more good people you have around you the better your music is going to be and the better an artist your going to become, im all for collaborations.”

We saw you getting involved with the Manchester’s finest livestream, how did you find that? 

The Manchester finest live stream, (big up Manchesters Finest they do a lot for the city to showcase out talent not even just music), they brought the idea to me and asked if i would be on it & if i knew anybody else that might be on it. With it being lock down it was a solid alternative to keep people engaged and get that performance practice, all in all i really enjoyed it!

Looking to the future, what projects have you been working on?

“Me and P1 are actually in the process of finishing our second EP together! Cornoa might have stalled if for a bit but we are nearly there, id say about…actually im not going to put a time or date on it but just know that its coming! Then i have my own solo project that is actually finished, its been finished for a while but that will come out when it comes. So thats what to lookout for from me along with a few more singles & few more videos”

Notes From The Editor:

Perhaps what says a lot about KIME is that in all the interviews we have done here at 2&6, rarely does an artist begin by saything thank you or seem humbled by our desire to know more about the man behind the music. KIME began this interview by saying ‘Thank you for reaching out to me, the fact you guys are in Dam and have heard of man, that’s big right there, so i really really appreciate this’. For us, getting to chat to the man behind some of our favorite tracks of the year so far was an absolute pleasure, we are often so grateful to get a chance to speak to people whos music we love that we were blown away by a reciprocation of such gratitude. I personally believe that in the next 5 years KIME and his patner in crud P1Caps will be some of the biggest MC’s in the UK .

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