Tommy B – Talks No Dramas, Performing with Grime Royalty & Eskimo Dance Amsterdam.

2&6 Journalist: Chris Kelly

Interview Conducted 14/08/2020

Tommy B is taking over the UK Grime scene. We like to celebrate anytime anybody who wasn’t present at the conception of Grime decides to carry the Grime torch and do it well, and Tommy is certainly one of only a few doing so today. No Dramas is a perfect addition to Tommy’s set list, complimenting his past tracks that adhere to the more raw & street-centric side of Grime by balancing hard riddems with an energetic burst of summer and unadulterated vibes. Tommy is by no means new to the game, having already spit alongside Grime royalty like JME, Devlin & President T, yet it still feels like he is on a nonstop track straight to the top of UK undergrond music. He is also one of many of Grimes heavy hitters that will be joining the lineup at Eskimo Dance Amsterdam 2021.

First off big ups on crafting yet another banger, No Dramas is a tune and we cant wait to mash out to it sometime soon. What was the concept going into the tune & were you looking to create a bit of energy and optimism during the lockdown?

Tommy: ‘To be honest I recorded this tune way before lockdown but was just looking for the right time to drop it & I thought it would be best in the summer! Also I suppose the slogan “No Dramas” stands for chilling out, letting it go and having a good time – which is probably what the world has been missing in recent times! I also wanted to make a tune that anyone of any age could enjoy without losing that raw element and I think me and Zdot/Krunchie captured this perfectly.’

The video is incredibly down to earth, showing you and your man just chilling and having a laugh at the pub, playing pool & at the beach. What made you want to stay away from the typical flashy tropes of money/cars/women.

‘Very simply – I dont live that life. I just wanted to showcase me and my mates having a good time in this video. Big love to everyone who helped me out you are all legends! There’s a time and a place for all that other stuff and it definitely wasn’t this tune in my opinion.’

The track was produced by the legendary Z-Dot, someone i know you have worked closely with before. How did you guys get in contact?

‘We initially linked up just to record one single and we ended recording a whole 6 track EP which is coming sooner than you think! Watch out for that one it’s my best music to date.’

What MC’s inspired you to write music & how surreal is it to now have worked with legends like Devlin & JME.

‘Firstly loads of MC’s inspire me. If I hear someone going in it gears me up to write better lyrics. I love the scene and appreciate all styles to be honest. To work with legends is a blessing. It shows me that I can have confidence in my craft because those who have been successful are rating what I’m doing. Also I love making music with sick musicians and those types of artists will always elevate the right tune.’

We are to gassed to have you come and perform at Amsterdam Eskimo Dance 2021. are you excited for the show & have you ever been to dam before?

I love Amsterdam! I have only been once which was to link up with DJ Vader, I done a set out there with him and my pals Sonny Green, AGZ & Rolla. It was sick. And yes I am very excited its due to be a memorable one. Make sure to get down there if you get the chance!

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