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Everything you read below is completely fictional and is not based on fact.

For me, Graffiti equals Freedom, The freedom to change your own surroundings and the surroundings of thousands of other people. Its something unique to have the power to bring your message to the public and to be able to reach an audience you would otherwise would never reach. I always found great pleasure in living of a somewhat double life. The Monday morning ‘’what did you do on the weekend’’ questions from colleagues after a weekend of creeping around trainyards or subway tunnels became one where a truthful answer is not an option, because they would never understand, nor do I care to hear their opinion about it. For me, Its about a victory on the system, finding a loophole and exploit that loophole with a few cans of paint and the power of creation has always fascinated me.

The adrenalin rush when entering a train yard that you’ve had your eye on for weeks, knowing you have less than 20 minutes before the security or drivers come back, pulling it off, going to the station without sleep taking pictures of your panel in traffic is straight up addictive. Its definitely not always working, I’d say max 3 times out of every 10 times we go to the yards, we are able to paint a panel. sometimes you will be waiting for nights on end in the rain for the right time, only to be chased away after sketching up your first lines because some worker decided to walk another round. But in my opinion that adds to the beauty, you need a strong determination if you want to do this, because in the end it will bring nothing but a good story and a picture to prove it. and damn do I have some good stories, I will start with one of the best trips ever.

Me and my best mate traveled to Prague and Vienna a few years ago. We had our long time crew friend there who picked us up from the airport and the fun began straight away, we brought a bottle of vodka and celebrated our reunion, the bottle was empty an hour later. Our Friend had planned a mission for us. We were going to paint the praha metro, one of the hardest systems to paint in Europe due to an exceptional security force. The plan was clear,and a bit crazy. We had to hide in the subway tunnel near the station, a friend of our crew mate would pull the emergency break in the tunnel.

We sneaked in and waited for about half an hour before we got the phone call, ‘’It’s the next one, get ready’’. As the train approached we had to run with it with less than a meter between the wall and the driving train, jumping over cables and concrete blocks till the train abruptly came to a standstill, I was doing the sketch, and we had it planned out perfectly, we finished our panel within three minutes, while people were banging on the windows and yelling at us from inside the carriage. We took a quick picture and jumped onto the platform and started running towards the exit in the middle of the platform. While running we see two security guards running towards us.

We obviously were wearing masks, and started yelling at the guards, we reached the exit two seconds before they did, it was a close call as we saw later in the gopro footage. We ran for five minutes util we were sure nobody was behind us and reached the getaway car safely. Our friend was waiting with cold beers and a good video of the piece in Traffic. Now it gets real crazy.

Our getaway driver was a girlfriend of our friend and she had been snorting all night long, So naturally we asked, what are you snorting? Czechsniff she replied, ‘’want to try?” she had asked us before the mission, And we jokingly said ‘’yes, maybe After we finish the mission!’ we were super excited everything worked out. So as we got back in the car she said, you have to keep the promise you made! ‘’its works better to take it in a rolling paper than snorting’’ ,and offered us a ‘’bomb’’, still high on adrenaline and excited as we were, our reply was naturally ‘’ aw yeah fuck it lets go!’’ we have to celebrate this mission!

We ate the ‘’bomb’’ she made and went to the nightshop to get a load of beer and vodka and went to our Airbnb. Next thing we know, we were in this bizarre ‘Mdma on steroids’ trip that lasted over 40 hours, No Appetite, No sleep possible. It was by far the most Immense energy and the craziest rush I’ve ever experienced in my life. During this 40 hours we visited many bars and shit was fucking wild. I finally managed to get 3 hours of sleep on the 3 rd night of being awake, but we had to take the bus at 11 in the morning to meet our friends in Vienna. Mentally and physically drained we made it to the bus station just in time.


As we arrived in Vienna, You can imagine how crunchy we were after that crazy weekend and a 7
hour bus ride through Czech countryside (They have shitty roads). Our Austrian friend came to pick us up from the bus station in Vienna, happy as always he said, Do you have paint? I have a super nice mission for you guys planned tonight! As we didn’t want to waste this opportunity our reply was ‘’ oh well,lets go get paint and we can do this on our last bit of energy.’’ These guys knew what they were doing, with keys, checkers and a bunch of james bond like tactics.

As we arrive on the spot, out friend opens the shutter door of the subway station with his key lets us in and closes it off again. We went down to the platform and had to crawl under a few camera’s to get to the end of the platform. Some 300 metres in the distance was a subway parked with very little light in the dark tunnel, it looked absolutely stunning. As we approached it we get the call that its all good and we managed to paint a 30 minute action on the old model, took sick photos and exit the tunnel without any problems. As soon as we arrived at our friends house, we drank one more beer to celebrate, fell asleep on the couch and slept for 16 hours straight, only to wake up to the sound of shaking spray cans.

So that night it was time for another mission, This time in a repair hangar. The first one we tried looked like a fortress from outside, but our friends knew the way in and with keys it was not too hard, as soon as we entered and walked trough the dark empty subway carriages to check out the situation, we hear the door open and a loud screams in angry German, we had been spotted, time to leave, we left as quick as we came. And luckily nothing happened. Still hungry for a piece, our friends took us to another repair hangar, This mission was smooth and we managed to do a 25 minute piece, Very satisfied on the way back I asked, So what happens if you get busted here in Vienna? Our Friend started laughing and replied, ‘’ For this? tourists will be looking at at least two weeks to a month or two of Jailtime’’ we laughed about it and it certainly didn’t stop us from our last mission the last night, a few hours before we had to catch our plane back home.

This was kind of a tricky spot as they had never done it before but had checked it out for weeks and knew it was somewhat safe, it was a 500m walk into the tunnel, one way in, one way out. Here there were two subways parked next to each other on yet another gorgeous spot, We and my mate did a crew top-to-bottom, close to a whole car but the carriage was bigger than anticipated and we didn’t bring enough paint. Nevertheless another sick action.. We got out of the tunnel dirty as shit two hours before our boarding time, went straight to the airport, managed to catch our flight back home smelling like good old subway tunnel. Good times.

oh yer and for those wondering… a few months later we found out that the czechsniff was almost certainly crystal meth, oh well, been there, done that, but never again hahah.


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