2&6 Talks: 10 Questions with Grim Sickers

2&6 Journalist: Chris Kelly

Interview Conducted: 20/09/2020

In our first instalment of 10 questions, 2&6 Journalist Chris Kelly is joined by UK Grime legend Grim Sickers to talk about his latest track featuring Capo Lee – British BBQ. Grim has been at the forefront of UK underground music for well over a decade. Having received an abundance of co-signs form UK music royalty like Mike Skinner & Ghetts, Grim is quickly becoming one of the biggest personalities in UK Hip-Hop. Grims success is no surprise to us as his sound has always remained incredibly diverse, creating cinematic scores on projects like All Black Forever 2 whilst balancing out his portfolio with absolute shellings like Nine Point Nine & Open the Till. Recently he has followed began to explore his love of cooking, releasing a limited edition Hot Sauce range called ‘Sickers Sauce’ alongside his hilarious series: The Sickers Cooking Show. Naturally, we had to find out his favourite Peng munch spots in the LDN. Big Up the man himself, we cant wait to welcome Sickers to the city of the Dammed soon.

Firstly, thank you for bringing out British BBQ, we needed some good positive vibes in the world right now. How did this track come about, was good vibes the intention? 

‘Firstly thank you for having me! So I got the instrumental of Maxeh Beats in lockdown and reached out too Capo Lee and thought he would be a perfect fit , we met in studio and made it one session’. 

Grime has always been your main stomping ground but All Black Forever 2 has a much more cinematic and alternative beat style. Do you enjoy the freedom and challenge of being able to jump around genres and beats ? What genres of music do you predominantly listen to in your own life? 

‘Grime is my first love and the genre that made me who I am and taught me many things , I will always be a Grime Mc at Heart but I’m a lot, A LOT, more. I’m a well rounded ‘any genre’ type musician so I love the experimentation. In my own time I listen to a lot of Emo- Trap , rap and anything in-between , very diverse’.

If you could see any 3 musicians or bands in history perform live who would they be ?? 

‘Easy: Lil Peep , Bones and Chief Keef.’

You have worked with and had a very fruitful relationship with Mike Skinner over the years, going back to the release of Kane. What’s it like to work with Mike, how did you guys first meet & is there anyway we can expect a sickers appearance at the TAKE ME AS I AMSTERDAM event next year? 


‘To say the least: Mike skinner changed my life. He taught me more than I could ever explain, he’s a true genius a true generational talent , we met over KANE after getting shown it by Murkage Dave and the rest is history’.

Going back to 2014, was it surreal to have your track ‘chop him up and Tesco bag him, used as the basis of Ghetts ‘Death Penalty’ ? I imagine it must have felt like quite an achievement to have such a legend sample you only a year after your first Lord of the Mics debut.

‘So Ghetts reached out too me saying he was feeling my sound and that bar especially , I’ve always been a fan of how he puts words together it was very inspiring at the time.

6) What does your writing process look like? Do you prefer to write alone or in a studio with others & do you prefer to write to a beat or write first then look for beats? 

‘I like writing as close as I can to studio but never in studio unless it’s a collab or a feature. I like to be alone with the beat and write the first gut feelings down and then tend not to change it from there. I’m really really fast at writing, all songs are wrote in under 20 minutes and recorded in 10’. 

Are there any UK MC’s you listen to a lot that dont necessarily get the attention that they deserve? 

‘I thought about this for a while and no ones popped to mind but let me big up Fabien Darcy and Maxeh Beats from Swindon’. 

A few other Mc’s have become more vocal about there love of cooking and good food, but you have gone the extra mile in starting your own food travel show. What was the thinking on bringing out your own hot sauce & what are your  top 3 restaurants in the UK to get some peng munch?

‘I grew into my love of food to be honest and people love my commentary whilst cooking more than anything but my fav spots in the UK are: Joyce Jerk (just off oxford street In central),  Vapianos ( anywhere ) & Tennessee Fried Chicken ( Swindon )’.

Lastly, when your next in Amsterdam can we please show you some of the best food spots that need to get the sickers seal of approval?! 

‘When we’re allowed to perform to MAXIUM capacity’s I be over and of course , thanks for having me also’.

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