Cali Import: Kooly Bros CHAT TO 2&6 ABOUT new track “Drunk Mess” Featuring Young Thug.

Hailing from Atlanta, USA but with Swiss roots, The Kooly Bros consists of brothers Sanders (rapper/writer) and G Fresh (singer/producer). G Fresh has a plethora of producer credits under his belt for multi-platinum artists like Future, Meek Mill, Migos, 2 Chainz and Busta Rhymes. The duo takes an experimental and unorthodox approach to rap music, amalgamating Pop, Trap, EDM and Cloud Rap to create their unique sonic brand of PopHOP music.

How did the Kooly Bros come into existence? How long have you guys been making music together for?

Sanders: Kooly Bros came into existence when two brothers started a duo after being in other groups throughout the years. “Dealing with my brother has always been the easiest member to work with.” “We always see eye to eye when it comes to music.”

Your track “DRUNK MESS”  with Young Thug is a certified banger.  How did you guys come to work with YT? Did you guys approach him with the track or have you guys worked together in the past? 

G Fresh: Me and him were working on a lot of stuff together for his projects and his artists and we were all vibing one night and I asked him to get on this record drunk mess   and he said yeah slime anything for u  what u need ?   so i played it for him and he did the verse in less then 15 mins no kap.

Sanders: G Fresh was closely in contact with him throughout the years. We went and worked on some music together, G produced some records for him. When we finished that record, we knew we had to get a game changer on it.

I would love to talk for a second about your project  U.N.I.T.Y , this album was obviously born after the horrific events of social injustice that the world has seen this year. What was it that you wanted to achieve with this album and was it difficult to put into words and convey exactly how you felt about these issues?

Sanders: We just wanted to say something because we know we have a platform and I believe anybody with a platform should tell the world how they feel when it comes to an issue as critical as it was. Atlanta was a battlefield with the protests and injustices of the police force. We couldn’t drop our normal party shit during these horrifying times. So we put together a project that let you know how kooly felt. Its not a subject we normally cover so it was a little different but it manifested. We felt that the city needed some motivation through these tough times.

What does your creative process look like? Do you have a clear idea of what kind of track you want to write when you begin or do you prefer to experiment and see where the music takes you?

Sanders: Gfresh Will make the beat or we will fish through emails that producers sent and find something fire to load up. G will usually just start freestyling a melody. 9 times out of ten it will make sense and the hook will be nailed. He will do his verses , I will do my verse. We would listen to it real loud a few times back to back to make sure we didn’t miss anything. We move on to a new song or change some words up on this one. There’s no telling where the vibe will go in a kooly session.

 You guys like to work with a wide variety of artists, how did you decide who you wanted to feature on G Fresh & Sanders? Do you like to work with the same producers a lot or do you like to mix it up?

Sanders: These are producers that sent us beats and that we personally fuck with. Its all Atlanta shit. We wanted to feature every hot atlanta producer.

Lastly, if you could work on a collaboration album with one other Musician and one producer, who would it be & Why?

I would like to work with Dr Dre. I just like a beat that just paints a picture when you hear it. I think a collaboration album with the weeknd would be fire because his songs are so catchy, and almost always involve getting fucked up.

G Fresh: As an artist Billie Ellish  because with her sound and ours it would be crazy dope and as for producer i would say Benny Blanco for sure he is very versatile  between both our productions  would be sick

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