In The Studio with: slim kofi – Stress no more and finding insipration

Slim Kofi continues to evolve as one of Amsterdam’s premier Afrobeat artists. The charismatic melody maker is back with a band new riddim ‘Stress No More’.

Stress No More is produced by Hippie Jack, an integral part of the 704 Records family. Both Slim Kofi & 704 Records are quickly becoming an beloved cornerstone of Amsterdam’s thriving Hip-Hop and unground music community. After our first interview with Kofi at the beginning of 2020, we had a good sense of his journey through music thus far.

We jumped in on a lively studio session at 704 to catch Kofi doing his thing first hand. Besides an adorable dog and a dope tattoo studio in the next room, there is a lot to love about creating in 704. The soundsytem is a big bonus!

This is a 2&6 conersation With:

Congrats on the he release of ‘Stress No More’, what was the vibe going into the track and who produced it?

Ayy thank you man, it always feel great to get some new stuff out there and the reaction to it has been crazy. This one we actually made out in Spain with Hippyjack, we recorded it along with a load of other records about 6 months ago when we went out there to visit him. He is based out there now so its always incredible to get a chance to go out there, chill out and start creating. Stress No More really came out of response to everything that it going on in the world. I just wanted to bring some energy, good vibes and positivity.

Are you hoping to put out an album in the future?

Yes 100%, but future is the key word. With everything that is going on I am still figuring out how to navigate in the current climate, so its good to take a step back and figure out what that one thing i want to put all my energy into is. It’s like i’m on a hunt for that lucky number, that one sound, so that nothing feels like I’m taking a chance rather just executing a formulae. I guess you could call it ‘properly calculated probability’.

haha who needs luck if you know how its going to turn out right…

Exactly, that was the whole point of The Blueprint. Once you have cracked a code then you can make bangers consistently for ten years because you know how to do it.’

Well it seems like yo have cracked the code, I love that ‘Wata Bam Bam’ tune, that’s blown up everywhere!

See the thing is all those tunes dropped before covid, I was actually booked to play Afronation as that record was released under them. If o had of got the chance to perform that track live it would have been a mazza. But man, Covid really came a long and fucked up a lot of shit. Regardless we still maintain the faith.

Is it still easy to stay inspired? How much of what you get inspired by relies on the day to day interactions that now aren’t available

Life is always my inspiration man, not only my own life but everyone else’s too. I love being an observer, that pretty much all I do is get high and observe hahaha. I love documentaries, they are literally the only thing I watch, I think i just like to learn shit other people dont typically see. I just watched the new Biggie documentary, and that shit is one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in ages.

You have a super infectious positive energy, have you ever though about doing a podcast?

I have, especially during corona when i miss interacting with fans and other artists over music. I’m always thinking of new ways to try and engage with people. Definitely watch this space because it’s something I have considered for a long time! Who knows what the future holds!


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