In The Studio With: Reign Laslo

Reign Laslo has returned with a wavy new single “Cruisin”. In our first interview with Reign, we caught up with him following the release of his debut single ‘Popeye’. It is easy to see that the success of the record had not slowed the MC from Arnhem down.

Reign Lalo 2021 – 2&6 Photographer: Chris Kelly – All rights reserved ©

Cruisin is a bombastic bass heavy riddim that blows the dust off the speakers. Reign is often synonymous with the slick, cheeky-chappy nature of his cool tempered delivery. However, the melody to ‘Cruisin’ signals the exploration of a new sound for Reign, one with a much wraspier, confident and complex composition.

We jumped in on a lively studio session with Reign, Slim Kofi & the rest of the 704 fam to get Reigns thoughts on his progression as an artist thus far and his response to the fevered reaction to his new track “Cruisin”.


From the moment you meet Reign it is clear that his passion for creating music goes deep below the surface. Whether it is his own tracks or those of his contemporaries that are bellowing out of the 704 soundsystem, he remains eyes closed and transfixed on what he is hearing. Growing up in Curacao before moving to Arnhem has left an indelible imprint on Reigns creative sound, naturally gravitating to beats that capture the good-vibes energy of his own character.

You can therefore image my surprise when 704 bossman James pierced the smoke soaked inertia of the studio with a whole different sound. Hands down one of the coldest unreleased collaborations featuring both Reign & Slim Kofi. Without giving to much away, the beat was like a beautiful concoction UK garage , french house and contemporary afrobeat with the two wordsmiths going back to back on the verse, gliding between each others setups and punchlines without fault.

Whilst the crew reacted to the track as if it was just another day in the office, i sat mouth open in amazement at the creativity on display in this tiny black box studio in Bullewijk. Beyond the quality of just this one track, it is clear that the relationship between Kofi and Reign is one of mutual respect with Kofi acting as somewhat of a elder statesman giving his unfiltered opinions to a younger one entering the game.

While Reign penned some lyrics in his head to a new beat he mentioned that a vision for post-corona show schedule is coming together. After doing my part to sell the idea of a 704 Records tour to the boys, Reign jumped in the booth having finished writing his verse in 20 minutes flat.

If the rest of the 704 lineup is anything to go by, the future looks incredibly bright for the driven MC. Don;t miss the moves thi guys making and support a deserving local artist and steam “Crusin” below.

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