On July 12th, London based rapper CHOZE is releasing his first album called  ‘D.I.Y.’. After the earlier release of two singles over a period of more than two  years, it is fair to say that the album is not meant to be a quick win. CHOZE just  does not move like that. This mindset directly translates to the banging sounds  and words that can be heard in ‘Nothing to Lose’ and ‘Badderz’. He flawlessly  blends modern day sounds with conscious rhymes while wearing a teflon coat  made of bullet proof ignorance, protecting him from anything that might stop him;  but more about that later.  

Nothing to Lose is a straight up statement piece in every aspect of the production.  The song starts with semi-poetic, nonetheless evident, lines about the duality of on  one hand a destructive environment. On the other he describes an individual that is  not simply surrendering to it. In fact: he takes all his effort to change it. The  powerful energy that the song channels reflects on the making of the music video. 

CHOZE says that director and animator Halo Jones is responsible for the whole  piece: “He worked on a lot of amazing videos. He has worked with people like  Kylie Minogue and a lot of record label artists. I grew up with Halo and the thing I  loved about working with him was his think-outside-the-box-creativity. At the time  he felt that a lot of animation was done with plug-ins and programs. He just felt like  he wanted to go back to the main source of animation which is frame by frame.”  This resulted in a marathon of 6 months sketching and editing. It is not only for the  craft itself that the video is likeable: it is conceptually aligned with the essence and  vibe CHOZE intends with the song.  

CHOZE is not afraid to put his mind to his words when rapping about social cultural topics. He sheds light on the big corporations using data of consumers  and governmental irregularities: “I think we are becoming more part of a system  that we can’t control. You download an app and accept the terms and conditions.  We give rights to these companies to take your intellectual property and share it  with other companies to exploit your way of thinking. People really need to  research on that more.” At the same time he wants to show people that there is  light at the end of the tunnel: “When you are all stuck in this industrial estate, you  only feel you have certain options to go with in life. I want my music to help people  to stop thinking like that.”  

The conscious grime rapper does not really acknowledge any barriers during his  artistic life. At least, he says he is sure that he has encountered some but  apparently he is ignorant to those. That might be the same ignorance his latest  song Badderz sonifies: a song that makes you feel like an MMA fighter stepping in  the ring and finding peace and serenity in the thought of acing the battle. The way 

Badderz sounds is slightly different than a usual CHOZE track: “When I was  making the album I realised the generation of today is not the generation I first  started making music with. How can I involve a new generation on to my project? I  felt like I had to compromise. Let me make a record that they feel I am in their  groove, but when they listen to me, they’re in my groove.” Badderz is the last  recorded song for the album. It functions as a bridge for the new generation to  take a step inside the world of CHOZE. It has a heavy bounce but still has the  CHOZE spice to it.  

The song symbolically ends with the lyrics “Let’s take over the globe”. CHOZE  notes that he has great aspirations to promote his upcoming album around the  world: “I wanna go France, I wanna go Japan, I wanna go Australia, I wanna go  Brasil, I wanna go America, I wanna go Amsterdam… You know what is funny?  When I went there (Amsterdam) I was like: I can’t wait to perform here because the  people are so nice and there is a massive scene for creativity, you know what I  mean?” 

While CHOZE is not new to the music industry, a lot of people did not encourage  him to make an album: “I was like no, I actually want to make an album. So I made  an album, showed it to my management and got a deal from it”. Would that be the  exact mindset we can expect of D.I.Y.? He says we will be invited to take a  glimpse inside CHOZE’s truth and his take on the state of affairs inside the music  industry, as well as giving us subliminal messages to believe in yourself. His task is  to share his strong confidence with the listener. Confidence that took him to the  the spot to be the first rapper performing at the famous Union Chapel. Confidence  to make the best out of an impossible situation. Confidence that opens new doors.

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