In this weeks ‘5 Questions With’, we linked up with Keedo, a fast-rising MC and producer who has had made his mark on the UK hip-hop and grime scene over the last decade. Having worked with some of Grime’s greats like Akala, Wiley and JME, he has honed his skills to a whole new level, all of which are on show in his latest track “Respeck Me”.

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Growing up, who were your biggest creative influences? What music was playing around the house as a kid?

There’s so many but if I had to name a few I’d say Jay-Z & Kanye West. The way Jay-Z effortlessly puts his words together and paints pictures is incredible and always inspired me to tell my own story in a similar way. Kanye was different, he’s a mastermind in my eyes. His production has always been soulful which always touched me as I had a deep connection with soul music. He was also one of the first rappers to live his honest truths I feel and made us feel like it’s ok not to portray a tough guy image. 

What element of creating music do you find more challenging producing or writing lyrics? Which do you spend more time doing?

I’d definitely say producing. I can be quite impatient at times and producing takes a lot of patience as you’re relying on the response of a machine as opposed to just ideas in the brain. When it comes to lyrics, I can put them together in my head and just go lol.

Your latest single ‘Respeck Me’ is a mad tune that shows your crazy ability to glide over a beat. How did this track come about and does it give us a taste of what’s to come? Do you feel like you have found your sound? 

Thank you!!! Respeck Me came about just after the first lockdown and I wanted to record something that represented how I felt at that particular time. I hadn’t released music for some time so it was me demanding my respect in a sense. 

You have worked with some greats like JME, Akala & Miss Dynamite but what is your favourite memory in music so far and why? 

Honestly, I’ve been blessed with quite a few great moments in my career. However, I’d have to say being 16 and going to my first real studio session with DavinChe & my brother Perempay. This showed me there’s so much that goes into being an artist and I took every bit of guidance and advice from that session and apply it all now. 

I gotta grab your desert island disks, so if you had to choose 3 albums and one book to get you through the rest of your life, what are you picking?

Ooh this one always gets me haha! Ok, I need to take ‘The Blueprint’ by Jay-Z, Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back To Black’ & ‘Can’t Stop A Man’ by Beres Hammond. Between these Three think I’ll be alright. 

In terms of books I’d need some motivation so I’d take ‘Hustle Harder Hustle Smarter’ by 50 Cent. It’s a great read and has so many gems in it. 

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