Toronto based singer-songwriter LOONY believes in the power of softness, so much so that her latest EP ‘soft thing’ celebrates her vulnerability with deeply romantic poetic licence. Over eight tracks LOONY addresses the push and pull of relationships, from conflicting feelings, confusing love and lust and the desire for a private life to shouting ‘I LOVE YOU’  from the rooftop.

How personal this project feels can be attributed to LOONY choosing to use the word ‘you’ to speak directly to the person listening. She addresses her audience almost as if they are the ones making her feel this way. In ‘Be Cool’ she sings “You just fill up some space in an empty brain”, in ‘Ours’: “We can go the distance, I know you like the defined shapes” and ‘Faceless’: “A thousand tears I’ve seen rolling down your face”. There are a lot more layers to LOONY’s music than you might not catch on first listen, at times she talks to herself and at times to the people she loves and loved. 

With a bit of time out from her busy schedule, LOONY was kind enough to sit down with 2&6 over Zoom and chat about everything from her heroes, Toronto and her creative process. She revealed that most of this EP channelled the DIY spirit of setting up a studio in an assortment of AirBnBs, calling up frequent collaborators and putting in work with good friends. ‘soft thing’ sees a more mature approach to her songwriting process compared to her previous EP  ‘JOYRiDE’. “soft thing is more about the present, and working things through on your own, it’s more extroverted than ‘JOYRiDE’. It’s more about my relationships outside of myself with other people’.


LOONY loves to tell stories and remembering the mistakes she’s made along the way, and while she works hard to create music authentic to her ‘letting go and having some happy accidents happen that then sort of helps shape the music’. The last 18 months, and the challenges that they brought, have led LOONY to write lyrics more about love than ever before. Introversion can often lead to darker or more negative concepts and when she started to adapt to her new reality her focus shifted to being more extroverted and being in the ‘here and now’. With this new reality, LOONY was forced to confront much of her ego and pride and her writing shifted to a focus on her relationships: friendships and romantic. ‘Life is super short… why not celebrate and talk about what actually matters’.

LOONY’s ‘soft thing’ is an incredibly soulful project and surprisingly uplifting coming from a very dark time. She credits some of the Gospel elements of this EP to the church music influences that Akeel Henry and adamjosh bring from their upbringing and that influence their production. The sounds they incorporate with LOONY’s smooth voice echo much of the genres that R&B originated from. When asked about the return to live shows LOONY replied: “I’m nervous, it’s been a while but I think wow what a privilege to be able to get up in front of people and play my songs”. She revealed that she hasn’t even played any of ‘JOYRiDE’ either so she definitely has a lot of material to showcase to her fans.


LOONY’s inclusion of two male voices on her tracks ‘Royal Flush’ Ft. Mick Jenkins and ‘Mine’ Ft. Pell is also interesting and speaks to her appreciation of Hip Hop as a genre that complements the message and sound of these tracks. Mick and Pell’s back and forths show the other side of the conversations that LOONY is having.

LOONY loves her home in Toronto and the beauty of its diversity, but she also yearns for travelling and to experience new sights. The UK is in her future for sure and it just so happens to be the birthplace of some of her idols. She credits Amy Winehouse and Sade as some of the biggest influences in her life as well as artists like Lianne Las Havas, Mahalia and Sinead Harnett. But if she had to choose someone to go on tour with around North America it would have to be Anderson .Paak. Manifesting that ASAP.

In essence, LOONY gives her audience the stories that we can all relate to and she does so with a rhythm and sound that would reassure you that anyone can find love in others and themselves. Her track ‘raw’ has been streamed over 4 million times on Spotify which shows the need of something unfiltered and not sugarcoated and the stripped-back production gives you the perfect playlist additions for sitting back and relaxing with a glass of wine after a hard day. We are sure that we will see much more of LOONY in 2022, especially because 2s are the angel numbers she has tattooed on her wrist. Good energy and good vibes.