The Swirlers are a trio of musicians from South London who identify by their aliases; SheiyhSweat, J2ND and Southcoastcalms. Each member delivers uniquely styled vocals presenting unmatched and contrasting compatibility. Despite having a Hip Hop and RnB foundation, they continue their quest in “blurring genre lines” by blending elements of Grime, House and Soul. 

After bursting onto the scene with tracks like SNOB, Legacy & G.O.T.D, they have returned with a free new track ‘Catalyst’ that explores the attraction reaction between two strangers and how that attraction is sustained. We caught up with The Swirlers for the latest instalment of our 5 QUESTIONS WITH: series to find about more about the genesis of the group and the personal stories behind ‘Catalyst’s’ conception.

Your latest single ‘Catalyst’ is effortlessly cool and showcases your ability to flow over quite a complex beat. Where did this track begin? What was the concept behind it and did the track evolve out of a certain sample or lyric?

The process began with us discussing how chemistry “just happens” when there is a deep attraction between two individuals, but then questioned how is that attraction sustained?

We concluded it’s the physical attributes that spark the initial desire for someone but the mindset and personality that keeps you present. We then thought of the best way to translate this sonically by purposely selecting sounds within the production that invoke the feeling of chemistry.

We thought of an alternative name for it to avoid sounding cliche – catalyst. This refers to the inspiration/motivation a person who you’re attracted to can give you.

Each of our verses was inspired by personal experiences we have had with girls who we had chemistry with. No samples were involved in the initial production, the beat was made in house from scratch.

How did you guys first meet each other? Do you all have a different taste of music that you blend together or have you always liked the same sounds? 

J2ND and SouthCoastCalms both went to the same sixth form. J2ND was introduced to SheiyhSweat through his older brother on a video set. We all connected through a mutual love for 90s and Naughty’s Hip Hop and R&B as that was the era we all grew up in. We later started creating music with SheiyhSweat leading the production. 

Who are three artists or creatives that you think deserve more recognition and wanna shout out? 

We gotta go with: Fred Fredas, Deacon and Duchess 

What’s the plan for the future? Any plans for an album or shows or is it all about studio time right now?

Catalyst is one of the singles from our full-length sophomore project due to be released in October. This will be followed by more visual content and shows.

Lastly, you’re proud South Londoners so I have to ask, if you wanted to show someone the real heart of your hometown, where would you take them to get some peng food and to see some dope live music?

Easy. Mixed Blessings in Camberwell and Hideaway Jazz Cafe in Streatham. 

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