What does your creative process look like? Do you have a clear idea of what kind of track you want to write when you begin or do you prefer to experiment and see where the music takes you? 

I prefer to experiment and see where the music is taking me. In the beginning, I was focused on making reggae and dancehall music but working with Max made me make music on a whole nother level.

If you could see any 3 musicians in history live, who would they be?

Bob Marley, Midnite, Junior kelly

What was the inspiration behind Represent The Truth?

I was always aware of an upper system that wants to control everything. But nowadays it’s beginning to come clear more and more that this is what they have been up to. With all the commotion in the world around the corona pandemic, I began to realize I have to warn my people so that’s why I wrote this powerful message called Represent The Truth produced by CEO Max of No Filter Productz.

Who are three artists or creatives that you think deserve more recognition and wanna shout out? 

Three creative artists I want to give recognition to and a shoutout are Koffee, Chronnix, Chezidek and Capleton. Make it four artists haha.

What’s the plan for the future?

In the future, I want to help the youths that are in need. Help them to reach their goals were they thought they could only dream about, doesn’t matter how big your dreams are, the bigger the better. This is how Bobo Youth always keep the faya burning

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