The 2&6 Collective is a group of student & freelance creatives beginning in London and now operating in Amsterdam. We are a volunteer, freelance & student run print and digital magazine that seeks to document and create original reporting on Hip-Hop & Underground culture. We pride ourselves on creating original reporting and investigative journalism. No clickbait & No divisive nonsense…just quality Photo-Journalism.

We began in London in 2017 as a group of freelance music journalists that were sick of having to write meaningless and generic articles for major news outlets that had no respect or love for the cultures that they write about. Now based in Amsterdam, 2&6 operates as a ‘Record Label For Writers’, curating a team of hand selected young up-and-coming and aspiring photo-journalists. For our reporters, we provide exposure, experience, logistical support (Arranging interview/getting free entry to events, ect.), as well as opportunities for paid commissioned work.

We promote and collaborate with local Amsterdam musicians, Mc’s, businesses & Dj’s in order to build a community of creatives that love the underground culture of Amsterdam & London.

Want to work with us?

Publish a quarterly magazine about UK & NL HIP-Hop, Graffiti & Politics that showcases the work of some of the best Journalist’s & artists in Amsterdam.

Promote, Publish & Interview up and coming and aspiring musicians, Business’s & artists in Amsterdam.

Host concerts, photography exhibit’s, raves, nightclub events & vinyl markets across Amsterdam.

Sell photo prints, merch collaborations & rare vinyls.

Create an Event guide for all upcoming music & culture event’s in Amsterdam


Founder & Editor

Chris is a Journalist, Photographer & Graffiti Artist from London. Before 2&6 ​he received the Mary McPherson Award for Original Photo- Journalism.

He currently writes for GRM Daily, CULTED, Noctis & Amsterdam Alternative. he has interviewed the likes of Risky Roadz, Jaguar Skillz, Big Zuu Lady Chann & Black The Ripper.

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Will Nehra

Founding Contributor

Will is a Journalist from Watford now writing out of Amsterdam. He currently writes for I AM EXPAT and 2&6.

He specialises in UK Grime, Album Reviews & Politics.

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Founding Contributor

Lucy is a Fiction Writer from Yorshire currently working out of Amsterdam.

She specialises in Fiction, Poetry & Politics.


Journalist & Host

QUAL-E.T Is a Journalist & Street Dancer from Brooklyn currently working in Amsterdam, she is currently writing for VICE & 2&6.

She specialises in US Hip-Hop and Interviews.



Resident Producer

Session 9 is a Hip-Hop and Boom Bap Producer and instrumentalist based in Glasgow. He is our go to guy for all musical and beats needs.




Charlotte is a Journalist from the UK currently working in Amsterdam.

She specialises in Techno, House, Artist Interviews and Politics




The Magic cultivator is our resident man of mystery.

He specialises in Travel Writing, Psychedelics and Graffiti.



Photographer Graffiti Artist

Baroem is a extremely talented analogue photographer from Den Haag.

He specialises in photographing the underground culture of the Netherlands.




AAB Is a Journalist and Art critic from Sydney.

He specialises in Album art history and analysis, Interviews and Art commentary.

Charlie Vielvoye


Charlie is a journalist from Holland based in Amsterdam. He specialises in Amsterdam Events, Theatre and Interviews.

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