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MacOsare Talks About His Debut Track Badu & More

Badu is a big tune bro congrats on the release. Who produced the track and how indicative is this sound as to what we can hear from you in the future?

Love bro! Actually I produced the track myself! I’ve been producing music for as long as I can remember so it comes naturally to me. Actually, I’d say I only started rapping properly around 2017 so i’ve been doing this music ting for a while now. BADU is definitely only a fraction of the sounds i can produce. We thought we’d start hard with this one, but there’s so much more to come, you might even get a little RnB from me soon, who knows?!

Who are some of your key musician influences? What was playing in the house when you were growing up and who are you listening to most at the moment!

If we’re talking more currently, then Shakka, Anderson Paak and Jon Bellion, but if we’re looking oldschool, I’d have to say Michael Jackson – he’s the GOAT for me. When it comes to music that was playing around the house growing up I’d say it was a real variety. We had everything from 90s music, African Music, Gospel music to a bit of Dr Dre, Snoop, Sisqo and those vibes there. Sisqo was the guy!

Who am I listening to most at the moment though? Me, I actually listen to myself more than anything. Just because I want to hear something different, I want to listen to something more organic but versatile which I think the scene is missing at the moment.  I’m in my own bag.

How did you discover you wanted to be a musician? Was there a mentor or teacher that encouraged you or has it always been what you wanted to do? Was the bass the first instrument you picked up?

I grew up seeing my Dad play the drums in church and I watched Michael Jackson a lot on tv, from tapes to cassettes and all that. I’d say it was really my Dad who inspired me to have an interest in music. My mum said, when i was young, anything I had in my hand i’d just be banging it! I remember now, I used to have a small drum kit from Argos, a blue one and a red yellow one – limited edition. I used to smash them all the time! The drums were the first instrument I picked up, followed by keys and then bass. I just taught myself really, people help along the way but I wouldn’t say I had a tutor or anything. 

What can we expect to come in the future? Are there plans for an EP or a tour once venues are back open?

Nothing but bangers! the plan is to release a couple more singles before the EP drops, so that’s something to look forward to. I’ve actually been booked for my first show, 30th June. It’s actually quite exciting to have my first show close to the time I released my first track so we’ll be previewing some unreleased music there (grab your tickets). Would love to tour eventually when the opportunity presents itself. Coming from a touring background and playing for other artists, I’m looking forward to putting all that energy into myself for a change. Whenever it is, trust the vibes will be lit. 

Lastly, if you could be the opening act for any one artist’s tour, who would it be & Why?

Mad question, that’s a serious serious question. You know what, I’d say Drake right now. His versatility is mad and the way he can mix and match is too dope.