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Female Allstars: The Blueprints of the Only Female Grime Crew in Britain – PRESENTED BY GRIME NETWORK

Female Allstars, are a grime crew hailing from London that has taken the scene by storm since its’ emergence in 2019. This year they took advantage of the slow and quiet year that 2020 was for everyone and built a catalogue that will leave a legacy for the next generations of women in the grime scene.

Within the very short time that they have been around, Female Allstars have shelled down gigs both in the UK and internationally and bodied radio sets on BBC 1Xtra, Pyro and Rinse. Having a very rapid ascension, they have been breaking down barriers and shutting down certain man since day one and for that they only deserve respect. 

This month they dropped an EP with the grime veteran JME called “What You Call Disss”, and one thing you can call it is straight up quality. 

Miz, one of the four MCs in the crew, will walk us through the Female Allstars journey and the story of their EP featuring JME.



For those that don’t know, who are the Female Allstars collective?

Female Allstars is a four part all female all grime collective consisting of myself Miz, Lady Shocker, Frankie Staywoke and Nyny. 

How would you describe your crew?

Feisty and fiery. We’ve so many different flavours, each of us has a very different style and I feel it just works so well the way we combine how we work. 

You’ve been around since 2019, I’m assuming you didn’t have too many chances to play live last year, what was it like to try and build a fan base during a time where it was harder to reach people than it usually is for an up and coming act?

We were sort of appreciative for the time that it gave us, we had a lot of time to sit back and think about where we wanted to take our careers, sort of coming into the freedom that we was hoping to get this year. So like with the JME EP for example, we started planning that last year, we started to go studio and building it all, we was like “If we just get everything ready, then when the time comes that we can start performing live again we have everything there, we have a massive back catalogue, we would’ve gained our fan base by just releasing singles and a few little videos which like filmed ourselves.”

We tried to be as self-sufficient as possible and I feel like it’s really worked. There’s so much more that we can do now. Like Shocker is a videographer and does editing, Frankie does the artwork, I do all the admin stuff and help out the videography as well, so it’s definitely given us the time to sort of hone our skills and become a lot more self-sufficient and focused on what we actually want to do. 

How did you get to work with Jme?

It’s absolutely insane how it unfolded. We had the idea that we wanted to do just one track with him, it was just one single that we had in mind at first. So we tweeted him on Twitter and was like “Hey, we want to do a track with you!” and he said “Yes”, so we emailed him some beats, he put the chorus down on three of them, sent them back and that was it! I couldn’t believe how easy it was, we literally just tweeted him and he said “Yes”.

How would you describe the experience? 

Absolutely mind blowing! Like every single day none of us can believe that it’s still happened and that is like, obviously, doing so well as well is a beautiful thing to see but yeah, absolutely mind blowing! He’s a genuinely lovely person and so helpful and just so willing to support people that are up and coming in the scene. It was like a really sort of humbling experience, we felt very honoured to be given the opportunity to work with him!

What other major grime artists would you like to work with as a crew?

On our hit list there’s definitely Ghetts and definitely D Double. We are in the process of planning the album and we do have a few big names, sort of on our goal list, but 100% most definitely Ghetts and most definitely D Double E. 

Well now that you’ve dropped the info about the album you HAVE to tell me more about it!

So we are planning to release an album sort of towards the end of the summer going into the beginning of autumn, so we’re not gonna waste any time, we want to get it out. We want to get out as much work as we possibly can. It’s gonna be between 10 tracks and 15 tracks, it’s gonna be quite a lot of features on there.

We want to include big artists, we have a few sort of solidified at the moment but I can’t spill that info I’m afraid, but it’s gonna be a few big names on there. We want to incorporate more people in the scene that are sort of at the same level as us, like we want to be able to give an opportunity to showcase other MCs in the scene. So yeah, there’s gonna be a lot of features on there, there’s gonna be a few solo tracks and like some of us might sing on choruses and things like that. It’s gonna be really special! 

How do you think people react to your music and what role do you want to play in the scene?

I think people, even still now to this day, people know who we are but people are still shocked when they really do understand that yes, we’re females, and yes, we make grime music. It is aggressive but that’s the whole point of the genre and we can play that part just as well as men can. I think the place that we really want to get to in the industry is being able to support other females and nonbinary people to basically get into the same position as us.

We’ve been planning to open up FA studios, basically create a studio space that is a safe space so that obviously women and nonbinary people and transgender people can come and work on their craft without obviously having to worry about sexism or being addressed strangely by maybe other males in the scene. So we definitely want to start putting into place things that would benefit the younger generation massively.

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