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On March 15th 2020, a little over 2 weeks from now, the safety and welfare of around 100 Amsterdam residents & community members will once again be left to chance. The Garage was supposed to be a temporary solution to the lack of infrastructure available to undocumented refugees who have come to the Netherlands in search of support and a chance at a better future. Instead, The Garage has become a permanent reminder of the lack of empathy towards refugees that pervades contemporary society and international immigration policy.

Rotterdam Street Culture Week is a celebration of underground culture as a whole. Freestyle Footballers, Graffiti Artist, B-boys, MC’s, Skateboarders and BMX riders congregated for a week of madness in Rotterdams Feijernoord District.

An expertly curated selection of the best Graffiti & Street Artists in the Netherlands made the pilgrimage to Rotterdam in order to bomb the walls of the legendary Street Art Festival, POW! WOW! 

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